Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Don't you just love it when someone comes up with another acronym? In the age of "textspeak" we have become inundated with hundreds, if not thousands, of encrypted phrases like AFK, BRB or LOL. So, the title of this post says it all. The GCTA or Great Call To Action (Matthew 28:18-20) was a timeless set of instructions intended to be passed from one generation to another. Sort of like, "hey believer, how about you get up and go out into your world and start making a difference?" Every generation experiences the same need to find meaning and relevance. Youth are always looking for something different than what satisfied or motivated their parents and they always will. This phenomena is known as the "generation gap."

Here's the rub. The only way the world becomes a better place is when WE have share the love we are given with others. Have you watched the news lately? ISIS? Mass shootings? Crazy gas prices? It's a wild world (reference to Cat Stevens aka Yosuf Islam)! We may not like the hand we are dealt, but it is like Paul Harvey said "in times like these, it is helpful to remember there have always been times like these." I am not talking about the "affluenza epidemic" - having it so good that our emotional age is equal to that of a 2 year old.

Reality check - having 2000 friends on Facebook that you have never shaken hands with or hugged does not make you a social butterfly. Relationships are MESSY! When you take the time to get to know someone, you become infected by their microbiota. More than that, you become aware of their day-to-day struggles and challenges. You are literally infected and effected through close interactions with others. After the initial euphoria fades away, and you see them in all of their authentic glory, you realize that they are no better than you - but they're no worse either.

It is for this reason that Yehoshua/Yeshua/Jesus gave the GCTA! He understood that grateful believers would want to do something to express their gratitude. I am not talking about selling all of your stuff on Craigslist and then giving the money to the ASCPA. I am talking about establishing rock solid relationships with others as you share the joy, peace and prosperity that believing in a risen Savior brings. You know, if every believer discipled ONE person a year, twice, we could disciple the entire world!